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Termites feed on dead plants and trees, including wood, and are a constant threat to your home. It’s difficult to evaluate the cost of damage done to your home or property once it has been attacked by termites and most insurance policies do not cover damage done by termites, so it’s extremely important to inspect your property regularly and have an ongoing treatment plan in place.


Treatment against termites

If you discover termites in your home or place of business, you should not attempt to remove the infestation yourself. We offer an array of services to treat termites for many occasions, including pre-construction. Call us so we can tailor a solution to you.

We also have a few non-toxic treatments that we offer, including the Exterra baiting programme which is one of the most comprehensive treatments for removing termites around your building.

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​Regular inspections are crucial so we can find termite activity on your property and minimise the chance of large amount of damage and save on repairs. Our thorough Inspections will make sure than the areas, and situation that make your dwelling at risk of termite attack are highlighted and action are taken to reduce the chance of attack. Large numbers of Australian dwelling are at risk from potential termite attack.

The government recommends a qualify and competent pest inspection technician inspect the property at least on an yearly basis and in many cases more frequently depending on your risk of termites attack.

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Our Termite Inspection:

Our Termite Control operator use their vast experiences and the large amount of training to carry out an thorough inspection of your home or business.

Our inspections:

Use local know-how
Where you live is special: It is your home. Our termite inspections are executed by experienced Operator with many years of practice in your area, but who are required to continue training with the new and up to date technology, so they are always aware of what’s going on in your area.

Provide a comprehensive report – A full written 9 pages report is provided to you at the end of every termite inspection. Termite Control Operator will use is local knowledge around your property: including the seasons; the types of woods to the weather. After a full thorough inspection of your entire property, inside and out, we will provide with recommendations on ways to resolve your areas of concern.


Termites are social insects that feed on wood, live in colonies and have a destructive ecological role in nature, producing great losses.

The problem: they do not know how to differentiate their natural food from a property or home … for them everything is food. This causes significant and extensive damages in their interaction with man, even in some countries the losses due to damages exceed those caused by natural disasters and fires.
Termites are xylophagous insects that live in the soil, in organized colonies including Soldiers, workers and sexually reproducing queens.

They are able to cross the masonry of houses and buildings to attack the wood (floor, beams, framework) because they need to feed on cellulose.

• They attack all species of wood, except some exotic woods.
• An infestation by termites begins at the bottom of the building.

How to detect their presence and eliminate them

The problem is that they are very difficult to detect because they do not make noise and do not produce sawdust, as opposed to xylophagous larval insects.

Moreover, termites do not possess pigmentation in their envelope, which makes them very vulnerable to ultraviolet rays. They always hide behind a thin film of wood or paint to protect them from the sun’s rays. Their presence is frequent in the gardens, they feed on the detritus of wood present on and under the ground, the presence in your garden is an indicator easy to identify, observe your stakes and woods laid on the ground.

Of all insects, rodents, bugs and other pests that disturb and cause discomfort to homeowners, none is more dangerous than termites. Only termites have the ability to ruin and destroy the foundations and facade of a house in just a couple of years. You may not notice the destructive work of termites during the first 5 years of infestation. By then, it might be too late. Your home is probably the biggest investment you’ve made and is also the most important. Therefore, it is necessary to take the necessary measures to protect your house from termites and eliminate them immediately if they have already invaded your property. This can be effectively handled through the help of notable professionals in the field of pest control, as an attempt to do it yourself would yield little positive results.

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