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Australia is home to some of the most dangerous spiders in the world. Not only are they a nuisance, but they can also pose a severe health threat to you and your family.

Australia is home to some of the most dangerous spiders in the world. Not only they are a nuisance, but they can also pose a severe health threat to you and your family. They thrive in the warmer months and hide in small spaces anywhere from inside to the outside of your home.

Effects and Control of Spiders

Spiders are arthropods, like crustaceans and insects but they differ from them because they do not have antennas, nor jaws; have eight legs, also have structures called chelicerae and a fang with which they inject poison to their prey. There are around 41,250 species of spiders in the world, among which more than a dozen are known to cause problems for man.
Spiders feed on insects, which help keep your home insects free. Their silk is used during the manufacturing process of optical devices. Regardless of these advantages, there are also disadvantages of spiders, ranging from the fear they can bring to annoying contact with their boring cobwebs.

Spider webs

The spiders use their silk to inflate or parachute from one place to another. They use their silk to make bags of eggs for breeding purposes and to weave webs to trap and capture prey. Spider webs in your home or in the yard may appear unhealthy, and walking through them is unpleasant. The bands indicate the presence of spiders, which can make you uncomfortable. Keeping the clutter at bay and frequent dusting, vacuuming and cleaning your home can keep cobwebs to a minimum.


If you have spiders in your home its best to eliminate instantly; Swat them with a newspaper, spray them with insecticides or capture them in a jar and release them outdoors away from your home. Some spiders can quickly turn into an infestation because the egg bags of the female spider can contain hundreds of eggs. When infested, residual insecticide applications can help you get rid of spiders, or you can hire a pest control company to eliminate the parasites for you.
Even though most spiders are harmless, their eight-legged and often threatening appearance can trigger fear in many people. In some people, the mere thought of a spider triggers disabling and paralyzing fear also known as arachnophobia. This fear of spiders is so intense that it affects your daily functioning and takes a toll on your quality of life. Scary spider movies and reaction to spiders by others can easily trigger fear in a person.

Spider Bites

Another disadvantage of spiders is that they can bite. All spiders are toxic, but most of them are not toxic to humans. Most spiders have fangs that are too weak to bite people. Their bites can be fatal if a medical examination is not acquired immediately. Symptoms such as nausea, joint pain, fever, restlessness, and weakness are common. In such cases, you have to act quickly by administering the following first aid on the affected person.
• Apply a bag ice to the wound to slow down the reaction rate.
• Keep the patient at rest and in a comfortable position. Avoid unnecessary movements.
• Check the temperature.
• Apply tourniquet with ice. Release from time to time.
• Before swelling or edema of the affected limb, elevate it.
• If possible: wash the area with soap and water.
• Do not use disinfectants or antiseptics that color the area, masking it.
• Wound healing is not recommended.
• Move to a care center quickly.
• As far as possible (it is ideal and very helpful), capture the spider or remains of it and bring them together with the affected for their identity.


Spiders could be controlled through rigorous and deep cleaning of their infestation areas. It is advisable to use light gloves and vacuum cleaners of good power.
Pay special attention to top corners, behind the frames, wall elements, beds with drawer and baseboard, corners of cabinets and especially in kitchen furniture and if your home has vines to the wall, bamboo, clusters of objects or firewood accumulated from time.
In particular, it is recommended to inspect the clothes hung for some time, check the pockets. Strongly shaking clothes to fit is a good thing as well. However, the existence of prey is a factor that encourages the number of spiders in the home. It is very advisable to keep the least amount of flies or other flying insects inside the home. Dispose of trash cans and keep defecating pets out of the house.
The application of pesticides would sometimes prove ineffective because the body of spiders are semi-aerial. As a result, the services of a professional pest control firm is needed.

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