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Noelspest has been in the business for more than 15 years. We possess expert skills and enough experience to deal with the valuable clients for providing professional assistance in permanently getting rid of the pesticides. Our aim is to offer quality pest control services to relieve the client from the harmful insects inside/outside the place.

How to prepare for pest control treatment

There are no two ways about it, a pest can wreak havoc in your life and cause serious damage to you, furniture and even fixtures. Here are a couple of ways to help you prepare for pest control treatment. The first step, of course, is to call in a reliable pest control agency that will get the pests away from your home or commercial establishment.

General Pests

Some of the general pests that we find around the home are spiders, ants, and cockroaches. The most convenient way to rid yourself of them is to use a reliable spray that prevents them from taking over. However, not every product available on the shelves can rid the home of pests.


The hassle with spiders is that they have a way of coming back and before you know it, the webs are woven and you are stuck. That being said, peppermint oil and vinegar nauseate them so this is a great way to rid yourself of these pests. In addition, one great way to stop them from being comfortable in your midst is to remove any dust on the walls or in areas where they find it convenient to nest.


Ants invariably make their way when there are remains of something sweet or edible for them to chew on, and ridding your home of them takes a while. They have a way of coming into your home when the monsoons are on and when it is sunny outside. Borax is a good way to eliminate ants, which kills them instantly once they consume the poison. If you cannot get rid of them effectively, the best way is to call in a reliable pest control service.


American cockroaches are the worst of the lot, they multiply like crazy and if you do not have a regular pest control, your home will be infested with these monsters. If you have a messy kitchen or leave edibles around, you are to blame pretty much as they ingest anything. One simple way is to keep the home or office free from dust and anything edible around. Never leave the washing in the sink for the next day as cockroaches smell food a mile away and will crawl in through the tiniest of spaces.

Rats and Mice Service

These rodents feast on sludge and feel at home in the sewers. When they make your home theirs, you are in for trouble. Not only do they carry disease but they are also terrifying. They destroy anything and since their teeth are very sharp, they will nibble away at your finest furniture or anything of value.

To rid yourself of rodents you have to ensure that any opening that permits them with free access is closed. Keep the windows closed, especially if you live on the ground floor. Avoid throwing out any foodstuff in your garden as this encourages these pests. A rat trap is the most common way to trap rats and eliminate them. However, the sticky glue method of trapping them on the glue board also works. When they stick to this, you need to remove them right away before they try to get out of the trap. This is definitely a horrid way to rid yourself of them, but the job is done, and you are free.

Leaving bait around with poison also works but if the rodent finds any water around, the effects of the poison disappear altogether. If some of the regular remedies fail, the best advice is to call in an exterminator.

German Cockroaches

This breed of roaches is about 1.1 to 1.5 cm in length. The color varies from a dark tan to black and is a formidable pest to have around the house. These roaches barely fly and usually make their home indoors and especially in your kitchen cupboards. They loathe the cold and pave their way to places that suit their temperament. The wisest decision that you can take is to keep your home and surroundings clean so that there is no chance of these roaches from taking over your home. To rid yourself of them you can opt for a cockroach spray but keeping the place clean also works well down the line.

Ticks and Fleas service

People who own pets especially cats or dogs are prone to bringing pests likes ticks and fleas indoors. Animals must be treated with care by a vet so that they do not harbor any of these pests on their fur. Not only does it bring with it serious illnesses for babies and kids but elders too. In fact, once the mites take root inside the house, your carpets, quilts and other fabric will face the music. Have your pets cleaned every day with the right shampoo so that they are free from carrying ticks and fleas.

To rid the home of ticks and fleas, call in a reliable pest control agency. They get down to basics to ensure that these fast moving creatures are done away with entirely. Of course, you must do your bit, as these winged pests multiply like crazy. Keep any crumbs away as larvae of fleas have a tendency on feasting on organic material in bedding, carpets, and furnishing. A reliable exterminator will ascertain the kind of fleas around and rid your building of these insects.

Termite service

As a ‘rule’ termites prefer dark and humid spaces. The telltale sign if you have a termite infestation is when furniture has a powdery texture. Termites eat away at furniture that is not treated and slowly and surely destroy your pride possessions.

When wooden windows that open normally are suddenly difficult to open, you have an infestation in your midst. These pests leave mud like tunnels that are usually vertical along with dropped wings around the house.

It may seem easy to follow some ideas suggested on the internet that rid your building of these pests. However, the best method is to call in a termite control professional that will monitor the movement of the termites. By using bait at various intervals both indoors and outdoors, the exterminator will treat the problem.

These pests have a way of coming back and only a good reliable service will keep your home free from unwanted visitors. When you notice any termite activity, it is best to call in the experts immediately.

Bees and Wasps

Wasps make their home anywhere, inside the home as well as outdoors. If they find the leaf of a plant convenient and firm enough to make a nest, they will go all out. Wasps as pests do not really sting with their bite, but anyone suffering from allergies must be prepared. If you notice a wasp nest coming up, destroy it immediately before the female wasp traps you in a sting.

Bees, on the other hand, are quite dangerous and can prove fatal with their stings. If there is a beehive coming up in your home or office, do not let it hang, call in the professionals to get rid of the hives. This is to ensure that the bees cannot make their way indoors or sting anyone. Most people tend to let these hives be, believing that bees will leave when they are done with the area. Unfortunately, if there are people in the vicinity who are allergic to these pests, they can lose their lives. Ergo, the best bet is to call a professional pest control service so that the problem is eradicated right away.

Trained technicians use methods that displace the bees so that the hive is carefully removed so that the bees relocate. Since it is ecologically important for man and bee to survive, zapping them away into oblivion is not the idea.

In Conclusion – After Having Understood the Pests

To rid your home of cockroaches, spiders, ants, mice, fleas, rats and termites, the best method is to keep the home free from any debris, cooked food particles, dust, and dirt. This is the rule of thumb, so to speak, if you want the indoors free from pests. A good vacuum will get rid of the rubbish. Mop the house every day if you do not sport wooden flooring.

Other Pests in your Home

We cannot forget the other variety of unwanted visitors like lizards and mosquitoes that make their way into the home. Many people consider them (lizards) to be convenient as they eat mosquitoes. Unfortunately, they cause serious problems if they fall into your food. As do cockroaches.

The best advice from all accounts is to make sure that you are free from any pest when you notice them making your home their home. Opt for an annual contract with a reliable pest control service. They spray a chemical in the regular route that pests take and these unwanted insects are eliminated before they sneak into your home.

To prepare for a good pest control service, keep all your food stacked away in airtight containers. The chemical gel and the spray along with other methods of extermination used are rather strong and should not permeate into your cooked food. The objective is to rid the building of pests, period.

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