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Rats and mice can cause damage to homes and commercial buildings due to their penchant for eating everything in sight. During the winter months, they move indoors as their food supply has been shortened. Nests can be found within walls, ceiling voids and just about anywhere where food is kept! They are notorious carriers for a variety of diseases and can put your business at risk by contaminating food.

The three main pest species in Australia are; the Norway rat, the roof rat and the house mouse. All of them are omnivorous and eat a variety of foods that are readily available in and around your home or place of business. Sanitation and rodent proofing are the most important tools in ensuring long term and cost effective results.


Rats and Mice are prolific breeders, producing a litter of young almost monthly. So small rat control or mice control problems can become a big problem very quickly. They produce a steady stream of urine to mark their trails, all over your floor and benches. And produce between 50 and 70 droppings per day! This waste is often infectious and can include such dangerous organisms as the Hanta virus, bubonic plague and leptospirosis.
Rats are cautious creatures who are incredibly difficult to trap unless you know what you’re doing. And while mice are a little easier to trap, unless you can be sure you’re getting all of them, the problem won’t go away. That’s why it is simpler and more effective to have the whole problem dealt with by a professional.
The presence of rats and mice, can damage your home and business. cables. Rats, mice and other rodents can cause: transmission of serious diseases to you and your pets via their fleas and lice. Food poisoning via contamination of utensils and food preparation areas from their hair and droppings. The Norway rat, Roof rat and House mouse are the three major pest rodents found in Australia.

Rodent Minimization

Having the job of discouraging rodents from your dwelling is quite a bit of work you will have to, practice sanitation methods likes, keep your house and kitchen clean, keep food in containers, even your pet food out, keep bins covers on an area’s clean, trim any overhanging branches away from roofs and gutters. Proofing your home is more important than you think do not leave easy access for these rodents. Patch up any access holes and keep lawns and garden clean. Do not store any rubbish against your home and make sure your bins are rodent proof.
​A very effective treatment for eliminating rats and mice from your home is to use a professional pest control business . These businesses can provide long lasting bait treatments. These baits are highly palatable to the rodents and once they have taken the bait they die off very quickly.
​Business can supply a lockable bait box which will prevent children and pets from getting access to these baits as they could harm them if eaten. Bait should be placed in your roof void as this is where rodents have usually set up their home.
Lockable bait boxes should also be placed in your garage and around your garden.This will provide a long lasting plan of attack against these rodents. It is best to check these boxes regularly and replace any baits that may have been taken. Following all these tips will help prevent and control any rodents in and around your home.
​Noel’s Pest Control are experts and will eradicate the rodents for you. In case you are being invaded by mice or rats right now, speak to us we will assess the situation and take appropriate actions. Most residential premises in Sydney need Pest Control at least once a year, with others such as restaurants needing it far more often.

Rats and mice live hidden near us. For example, in the collectors of our houses and use the sewer to move. They take advantage of a minimum opportunity to enter our homes and facilities looking for food and shelter. They are proven vectors of diseases and other parasites, like fleas and bedbugs. Throughout the summer and autumn, rats and mice enter houses in quantities greater than any other time of year.

They seek safety, a dry shelter, food and a temperature suited to their taste and needs.

Rats and mice are plagued as old as mankind. They are a problem in various spheres of human activity in health, food production, and industry. They cause damage to both the grain that is in the field and in the store. They can eat large quantities of grains; More in unprotected storage structures for these pests.
Rats and mice with their sharp incisors also cause problems such as breaking pipes, electrical wires and pierce the walls of wood. Their teeth grow for about 10 to 12 cm within a year and therefore have to gnaw constantly, otherwise they would grow so much that would prevent them from eating. This feature makes them so destructive.

Rats and mice are extremely agile and can climb perpendicular walls of rough surfaces, jump up to heights of a meter, climb over ropes and wires, climb trees and roofs and can even swim.

Another characteristic of rats and mice is the fact that they have the highest reproduction rate among mammals. They can completely populate an environment with a low initial population. Being limited only by the availability of food, they also reproduce 6 to 10 times per year with an average of 8 pups.
There are many signs that rats and mice have invaded us. You can hear races or noises of gnawing at night or see marks left behind by gnawing or footsteps on the floor or in dusty areas.

Along the way, you may notice urine marks, grease stains and dirt as well. Nests, piles of food or material to make nests are other signs of the presence of rats and mice.

The control of rats and mice is not a simple task. They are very intelligent individuals who, very often, when we put baits or traps find a way of escape. They usually experience a special mistrust that makes our strategies fail. As a result, the services of a professional pest control firm are required.
In conclusion, rats and mice are living beings who are accustomed to living in poorly traveled places and often in places where hygiene is scarce, such as in the sewage system. This means that they are vectors of disease and destruction, therefore can transmit various diseases. With the tips above, the presence of theses unwanted strangers around our homes can now be eradicated effectively.

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