Bees & Wasps Pest Control


Bees & Wasps thrive in the warmer months and can create a nest near your home.

Wasps thrive in the warmer months and can create a nest near your home. It’s important to eradicate the nest as soon as possible to remove any possible threat to you and your family.

If you’re experiencing a large number of wasps nearby, it is possible that there is a nest nearby or even on your property. It’s important in the Summer months to check for nests. The smaller the nest, the easier to treat and small nests are usually golf-ball sized.

Benefits of Bees and Wasps

When man appeared on the face of the earth, insects had already inhabited the earth. Many of these insects cause harm to humans and animals, whether through crop damage or disease transmission. Although these harmful insects have more attention, most species are beneficial to man and the environment.
Such insects include bees and wasps.


When many people hear bees buzzing around their yards, or even listen to the word, they get stricken with fear and begin to panic. The reason is quite simple; people are afraid that they will get stung. Because many people do not pass this fear, they do not stop and think about the benefits of bees as well. Believe it or not, there exist several benefits that you get from the presence of bees around your garden. Before you get rid of these bees, make sure you know some of the benefits before taking any action. 

Excellent Pollinators

Bees can be biological indicators of environmental balance, very useful in conservation efforts, biodiversity and sustainable exploitation of the environment. It is in the pollination of the flowers that the bees contribute more, giving rise to the fruits of numerous species and increasing the productivity of plants grown up to 500%.
Flowers are the reproductive organs of plants, whose goal is to develop the seeds that will start a new generation of plants. When the eggs present in the flowers are fertilized, that is, when they are joined to the male cells, chemical substances are released to stimulate the growth of the fruit and the seeds. As pollination is a step prior to fertilization, without the former, there is no possibility of the second and not even the development of fruits and seeds. Bees are therefore critical in the sexual reproduction of plants.

Rich Pollen Carriers

In addition to helping plants reproduce, pollen has several other benefits. Pollen is an excellent source of protein, and in fact, there is a more concentrated form of protein found in bee pollen than you can find in addition to animal meat.

Hunting other pests

If you have bees in your environment, then chances are you will not have any problems with other biting insects. For example, wasps do not usually get along with bees. This means that if you have some bees within one or two meters of your home, then the chances of you having wasps somewhere in your area are very limited.

Bees & Honey

In addition to performing a fantastic service for man and nature by pollinating flowers, bees also produce honey, which is a natural bactericide that rejuvenates cells and prolongs human life. Honey has multiple applications and, in addition, is a great food and facilitates digestion, is a good fortifier for people of any age and is rich in protein. The medicinal applications of honey include:
• Infected throat: make a gargle of water with honey;
• Cough: Can be controlled with tea made with lemon cut into bark and all, two cloves of garlic
And enough honey (it gets hot);
• Fever: same cough recipe or mix honey, lemon and water;
• Exhaustion: Honey gives lots of energy. Take a few spoonfuls per day, pure or with water;
• Constipation: Honey is mildly laxative. Dissolve a spoonful of honey in a glass of water and drink;
• Weak memory: Honey fortifies the brain, so you should eat honey frequently;
• Ulcer: Honey is a good healer. Take several times a day, dissolved in water;
• Infections: Honey is proven to be anti- bactericidal (kills germs and bacteria);
• Heart problems: Honey fortifies the heart;
• Boils: mix wheat flour with honey and apply on top of the boil;
• Insomnia: to fight it, take honey with water at bedtime;
• Anemia: Honey is rich in iron. Eat or drink with water;
• Childhood rickets: do not let children miss honey, sweeten baby bottles with honey;
• Cramp: eating honey every day makes muscles strong and healthy;
• Lack of appetite: eat pure honey or drink with water regularly;
• Influenza: Honey mightily fights the flu. Make tea with honey, lemon and garlic;
• Eczema: apply honey on top;
• Long life: honey rejuvenates, so it makes a person achieve long life.

Controlling Ants In The Home

Ants play an important role in the environment but they are considered pests when they invade the house. They damage clothes and furniture by creating holes in them and they also contaminate food. Ants enter the house in search for water, food and shelter. Getting rid of them effectively may need one or two methods.
Ants are one of the most common and frequent insects inside the house. Homeowners find them really annoying and irritating because they causes harm and damage on persons and in the properties and home structures. Fire ants give a very painful bite which may be really  dangerous for children and hypersensitive individuals.

For Individuals, ants may look the same with each other. In reality, there are various type of species of ants that enter your home. Each type of ants have different characteristics and may require differnet approach in controlling them. The common house plants that invade the home  are pharoah ants, carpenter ants, pavement ants, acrobat ants, and the odorous ants. To identify what type of ants do you have in your home, get a few ant samples in a piece of plastic and then seek the help of an  expert or pest control firm.
It is very frustrating to control ants in the home. You should distinguish the type of ants in your home and know how to control them. You must also be aware of when to seek professional help in dealing with your ant problems.

Ants are considered social insects and they live together. A group of ants is called a colony. One colony may have hundred to million members depending on the species. Each colony has different ant personalities with different roles and responsibilities. Each colony has a queen that lays eggs. Other members are the "worker ants" that work to get food for the group. In searching for food, they follow a certain trail that they follow to and from their "home". Winged ants are called "Swarmers", they are the one responsible to mate to be able to create a new colony. When a swarmer goes out of the nest, it means that there are eggs inside the house. Swarmers may look the same as termites but they somehow differ in looks and characteristics. Ants have small waists while termites have the same width from head to below. The wings of ants are different in sizes - front wings are bigger than the hind wings while in termites, all wings have the same size. Also, ants' antennae are bent while it is straight on termites.

Ants can be totally eliminated by spraying pesticides in their nests - killing the queen and workers inside. It is not effective to just only spray the visible ants that are marching on your wall or kitchen surfaces. Ant's nests are usually found behind walls and doors, furniture, appliances, kitchen and cabinets. It is usually hard to find their nests because their homes are hidden. Installing baits can help eliminate them and find their nests. One advantage of using baits is that ants may bring the baits in their nests causing harm to ants that are in the nests including the queens and workers. There are readily available ant baits that are sold in the market, hardware or grocery stores. Put the baits where the ants go. If their trail is visible, it is best to put the bait near the trail.Do not spray pesticides near the bait because ants may smell it and will avoid going to the bait. Likewise, if the ants are already eating the baits, avoid spraying them too so that they will eat the bait and bring some in their nests which may also destroy other ants. 

Ants may also nest outside the house. Try to look for their nests and eliminate it too. You can also use bait outside the house near the ants' trail. It may not help to spray insecticide or burn the house of the ants because it may just push the ants inside your home. Other well-known methods of eliminating the ants in your home is by using cinnamons, catnips, dish washing soap, black pepper, bay leaves, chalk, whole cloves, and mint leaves. If you are not familiar of these, try to research them on the net and see how they work.

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